CAMPAIGNING group 38º Stroud are holding a public meeting about Community R4C project.

Residents are invited to attend the event, which is being held at 7.30pm at the Old Town Hall in Stroud on Monday September 21.

The Community Recovery, Recycling and Refining Centre (R4C) is a new project which plans to build a biomass and recycling centre for Gloucestershire.

Its supporters hope the community-centric project can be an alternative to the Javelin Park incinerator which is to be built near Haresfield.

A vision for the centre was outlined in June after Stroud District Council lost a High Court challenge against government’s decision to approve the controversial burner.

The rival plant would take ordinary municipal black bag waste and sort it mechanically using a process called Advanced Mechanical Biological Heat Treatment.

Recyclables, metals and plastics would be extracted and what remained would be turned into clean-burning biomass.

Spearheading the project is Tom Jarman from Selsley.

He says the facility would be cleaner, better for the environment and far less expensive than Javelin Park, while opponents say the process is untested and unfeasible.

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