VISITORS to a raw chocolate love den experienced the delectable delights of desserts made with cacao beans, fruit, nuts, seeds and vegetables.

About 60 people dipped into Rachana Sequoia’s pop-up event in Stroud High Street on Saturday, February 13 – a precursor to Valentine’s Day.

Chocolate-lovers sampled Rachana’s White Chocolate and Cherry torte, Decadent Chocolate Cups, Dipped Raspberry truffle-stuffed Apricots and Banoffee Pie.

“The ‘mmmmmmm’ and ‘oh wow this is incredible food’ was fantastic, kids and adults alike loved my treats,” said Rachana, who is 39.

“Raw chocolates and raw desserts are a great way to introduce raw food as healthy, exciting and delicious - so many of us love sweets including me.

“Raw chocolate is made with cacao beans that have not been heavily roasted and so still have their incredible nutritional goodies intact, magnesium, zinc, omega six, antioxidants and high levels of happy boosting nutrients.

“Adding sweeteners like maple syrup or dates instead of corrosive anti-nutrient refined sugar further supports our wellbeing whilst satisfying our sweet tooth.”

Rachana, who runs Juiciful Catering, moved to Cashes Green from Bristol after 14 years as an NHS nurse. She offers her cafe services to events across the UK teaching raw food workshops, giving talks and offering catering services.

“I teach people about the multitude of health benefits in eating more raw plant-based food.

“That is food made from only fruit, nuts, seeds and vegetables. No gluten, no refined sugar, no dairy, no nasty chemicals.

“With the incidence of illness, obesity and poor nutrition being ever on the increase I wish to share some light on how easy it is to eat more healthy, vibrant food that helps us feel great.”

Rachana’s next workshop is on Sunday, February 21 and her next raw café in Stroud on Saturday, February 27. For more details go to