A SERIAL cat attacker appears to have struck again in Minchinhampton.

Three weeks ago the SNJ reported on a spate of bizarre cat-shaving incidents in one area of the town.

Perplexed residents Mandy Felton and John Kerry had contacted the police after their beloved pets returned home with large patches of their fur shaved off.

And this week the serial cat attacker struck again in the same area, targeting three cats with what appears to be an electric razor.

Yet again, Mr Kerry and Mrs Felton’s cats Beau and Treacle were targeted, along with one new victim.

The lest incident happened on Monday night when Mr Kerry, of Farm Close, discovered patches of bald patches on his two year-old cat’s back and legs.

“This is the fourth time it has happened now,” he said.

“It’s ridiculous. Who would go around doing this kind of thing?

“I’m sure it’s taking a real toll on the cat now, the poor thing must be traumatised. I’m surprised she still wants to go outside.”

Due to the similarity of each incident, residents are now convinced the attacks are being carried out by the same person. Ms Felton and her daughter Tia, who live around the street on Glebe Road, have had their cat shaved three times over the last four months.

“I’m just mystified as to why someone wold do this,” she said, “It’s sick.”

“We think it must be the same person doing this.

“Now it’s happened to a cat owned by an old woman just around the corner. It’s getting worse and worse.”

The mystified pet-owners are warning others in the area to make sure their pets stay safe.

Stroud News and Journal:

Similar incidents in France Lynch and Kingsway have also been reported to Stroud District Council’s Animal Welfare Service.

The service said: “Whilst this isn't in itself harmful to the cat it is of concern and we would urge any other cat owners in that area to be vigilant.”

Police say they are "investigating a number of incidents relating to animal cruelty in the area".

They said the charge of animal cruelty is considered when a cat is injured or distressed. It can also be classed as criminal damage In a statement the RSPCA said: “Shaving a cat in this way can cause huge distress in the animal and the owner.

“We’d appeal to anyone who may have information about who is responsible for this to contact the RSPCA.”