A WOMAN has spoken out after she choked on an inch long chicken bone found in a pizza bought from Sainsbury's in Stroud.

Claire Deane, 32, is urging Sainsbury's to review their safety as the packaging on the in-store made BBQ chicken pizza did not warn about possible bones.

She said: "We cooked the pizza as instructed to do so on the packaging.

"As I took my first bite I chewed and felt something get stuck in my throat.

"I started to choke so I cleared the food from my mouth and had to ram my fingers down my throat and also on the outside of my throat under my chin.

"I pushed up into my throat on the outside and was able to grab the piece with my fingers.

"As I looked at the object it was clear it was a bone which was about an inch in size and not a small piece.

"My husband held me tight as I was shaking and crying and was so scared after the ordeal. I have a very sore throat and could taste blood whilst choking."

She says it is now painful to eat and she still has a sore throat after the incident yesterday.

Ms Deane, from Stroud, has since been back to the Dudbridge store to ask if a public safety notice would be issued but was told that it would not.

She added: "This could happen again and that person might not be as lucky as me."

A spokesman from Sainsbury's said: "We are sorry for any distress caused. 

"When the customer returns the object to us we will be able to carry out a full investigation.”