A 23-YEAR-OLD Bussage cannabis dealer was caught after he ordered a package of cocaine to be sent to him from Holland.

Chance Gough, of The Dorter, Bussage, was a cocaine addict and he used cash from the proceeds of his cannabis dealing to pay for the high purity cocaine delivery, Gloucester crown court was told yesterday.

But the 10gram package of cocaine aroused the suspicions of the UK Border Agency when it arrived in the UK from the Netherlands and officers decided to raise Gough's address.

Prosecutor Julian Kesner said they went to Gough's home on December 9 last year and in his bedroom found 422grams of cannabis together with clear evidence that he was dealing in the drug.

"A dealer's list was found with 16 names on it," Mr Kesner said. "If the figures on the list are in Sterling then he had done £4,025 worth of business.

"The cannabis seized was worth £4,000. Officers could not get into his mobile phone to check it because he refused to give the PIN.

"The cocaine was 77 percent purity and he said he had paid £250 for it. A police expert thinks that is on the low side but would not challenge it."

Gough pleaded guilty to importing cocaine and possessing cannabis with intent to supply.

Judge Michael Cullum sentenced him to a 15 months jail term suspended for a year and ordered him to do 240 hours unpaid work.

The judge also ordered him to undergo a thirty day rehabilitation activity requirement and to pay prosecution costs of £500.

"You are a drug dealer," the judge told him. "You have agreed to that label. But you are a dealer in cannabis, not cocaine. If you were going to deal in cocaine you would go to prison for several years.

"You are a cocaine addict - and you have also agreed to that label.

"You have now sought help for that addiction and you have pleaded guilty to your offences at an early opportunity.

"In my view you have for some time been scared witless about the consequences at court. I don't think you are ever going to come back before a criminal court and if I am right about that then a suspended sentence will do its job. If I am wrong and you sell drugs to anyone else you will go to prison.

"I am taking a chance on you - no pun intended!"

Michael Buckland, defending, told the judge "I don't think he had any idea of the seriousness of what he was doing."

He said Gough had imported the cocaine rather than buy it in Gloucestershire because the quality would be better.

"He was entrenched in his addiction," he said. "But he was still managing to work and hold down a good job - he was a functioning drug addict. "

Gough had now sought treatment for his addiction and had been frightened out of ever repeating his offences, he added.