A 65-YEAR-OLD Horsley man with money worries died from a gunshot wound to the head after building a homemade gun, an inquest heard today.

Philip Lee, from Washpool in Horsley, went out to walk his dog on the morning of February 4 this year and the pet later returned without him, Gloucestershire Coroners Court was told.

Assistant coroner for Gloucestershire Caroline Saunders said: "Mr Lee's wife Gillian became concerned because they had an appointment and she reported her husband missing.

"Their son Ben then found his father dead in a horsebox not far from the home."

A post mortem revealed that Mr Lee had sustained a massive head injury consistent with a firearm trauma.

Detective sergeant Dave Nicholls told the inquest: "The horsebox door were closed and bolted and the deceased was found slumped inside, with a head injury.

"The horsebox was searched and a makeshift firearm capable of firing a 12-bore gauge shotgun shell was found."

Philp's widow Gillian Lee said, in written evidence, that her husband, who was an MEB electrician, had suffered mild depression in the past but was a kind and caring man and did not want to be a burden to others.

She added that there were some financial concerns regarding Mr Lee's plans to help their son buy his own flat but she said that he did nothing out of the ordinary leading up to his death.

Ms Saunders added: "No suicide note was found and there has been no evidence to suggest that he intended to take his own life.

"For a suicide conclusion I must be sure, beyond reasonable doubt, that he intended to take his own life and I cannot rule out an accident or be sure of his intention."

She gave an open conclusion.