A COFFEE house and farm shop in Minchinhampton has taken on a new name as it combines its two strands of business – its café and dairy.

Farmers Melissa and Jon Ravenhill opened Woefuldane Organic Dairy shop selling farm produce in the Market Square nine years ago in order to create a job for their son Henry.

They wanted to take control of what they sold, how they sold it and the price they sold it at.

Six years later Henry then opened a café to compliment the shop and the family are now re-branding both business under the unifying name of Henry’s Coffee House & Dairy.

“My initial idea of opening the café was not only to start a business but to create something that people wanted to be a part of,” said Henry, who now employs five staff.

“We value our customers over and above everything else, and being part of such a vibrant and friendly community is has been a large part of our success.”

The award-winning business is family-run from cow to counter with Jon milking the cows, Melissa making and distributing the produce and Henry being the face of the business and owner of the coffee shop.

Prior to their premises in the centre of the chocolate box town Jon and Melissa ran a successful shop at their previous farm before starting cheese making some 20 years ago.

The family own Dairy Shorthorn and Jersey Cross cows, which produce less milk than conventional breeds but the quality of their milk far surpasses that of the typical high-yielding cow preferred by many larger farms.

The farm and all dairy products are registered organic under The Organic Farmers and Growers certification scheme which restricts the use of antibiotics, sprays and fertilisers and places a heavy emphasis on animal welfare.