A HEATED planning battle over a single house in Nailsworth will be taken to the highest level of decision-making – again.

Mr S Morley has appealed to the Secretary of State for the second time over Stroud District’s Council decision to refuse planning application for a detached house near Walkley Wood.

He is determined to build a two storey house on a small piece of triangular land which lies just off Walkley Lane, near Rockness Hill.

The stone house would sit on the steep slope of an overgrown field and would look over Newmarket Valley beyond.

As the narrow lane is a dead-end and has no turning space, Mr Morley had also included a specially constructed raised parking bay for two cars.

But planners at SDC refused permission earlier this month for the second time, ruling the house could cause “unacceptable detrimental impact” and could “increase in the risk of an accident” on the road.

It described the raised parking bay as an “over-engineered solution” to the problem of a lack of room to manoeuvre cars – which would mean drivers would have to reverse backwards out onto a blind corner.

The application had also drawn strong criticism from neighbours and other residents in Nailsworth, including the town council, who are fed up with successive applications.

Objectors again argued the development had no evidence of private right for vehicle access, could cause problems for pedestrians and nearby residents and would make the junction dangerous.

But the developer wants to fight back against that decision and has appealed to the Planning Inspectorate.

Mr Morley has already been refused permission for the property a number of times and on appeal. He has altered the proposal slightly since the last attempt.

The unused site lies in steep sloping fields which are currently overgrown and is adjacent to an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. It adjoins a property called Setwell.

  • Visit SDC’s planning website and search S.15/1887/FUL or visit the Planning Inspectorate website and search reference number 3156523.