AFTER a hotel was ordered to pay a former employee thousands of pounds, other ex-members of staff have come forward to claim they are owed money.

An employment tribunal has ordered The Convent Hotel in South Woodchester to pay former personal assistant Jo Hutchinson £2,267, including £1,781 in wages and £485 in unpaid accrued annual leave.

Judge Jonathan Parkin found that the hotel, named as Roomco Limited in the ruling, had made “unauthorised deductions” from the former PA’s wages.

The Convent was also found to be “in breach of contract” as it failed to reimburse Mrs Hutchinson money that she spent on behalf of the hotel.

Other former members of staff have contacted the SNJ to claim that they are owed money by The Convent, with some saying they are due thousands of pounds.

Responding to the claims, Matt Roberts, of The Convent, said three former staff had not been paid but that this had followed disputes with them for “gross misconduct” in their work.

He said they had been dismissed, but the ex-staff say they left of their own accord.

Mr Roberts said: “There are three former employees who have not been paid for their alleged work at The Convent. They are disgruntled, angry, upset ex-staff.

“We had disputes with them for gross misconduct in their work, they were dismissed and they left.

“One won a tribunal and all up until this point were being dealt with fairly and within the law.”

He added: “The lights are on and the trade continues into its third year. The venue continues to grow and get national and international respect.

“We intend to be here for many years to come.”

Mrs Hutchinson, 47, worked as a PA at the hotel for 12 months before resigning in March.

She said she was not paid for three months of work and won a tribunal on August 31 ordering for the wages to be repaid.

“It didn’t put me in financial difficulties because my partner was also working but it meant I had to rely on him a lot more financially,” she told the SNJ .

“I had to use money which was earmarked for other things and had to dip into savings. I would not want anybody to go through that.”

Mr Roberts said The Convent had been through a “difficult year”.

“This year has been a particularly difficult year with the owners and creators of the project significantly unwell,” he told the SNJ.

“Key staff quitting without giving notice hasn’t helped of course.”