After a gruelling divorce, Gloucestershire-based businessman P.A. Ross decided to write a book on the subject to help the millions of people affected. Since being published last month, How to Profit From Your Divorce has featured in national newspapers and received rave reviews. The 59-year-old author explained his motivation.

Around 1.8million couples in the UK would have contemplated divorce over the Christmas and New Year period, with January being the busiest time for divorce lawyers.

Reasons include abuse, domestic violence, lack of sex and, believe it or not, disappointing presents, or it could be just a New Year’s resolution.

The average total cost of divorce is around £44,000. One in three lives in the UK is affected by divorce in some way with many divorcing couples now struggling to pay their legal bills – 47 per cent of couples were not expecting the bill they eventually got.

My own experience moved me to help others coping with separation by reducing the cost and pain of divorce. The book is designed to support, inspire and motivate the 20million people living in the shadow of divorce in the UK.

The book is written by the client for the client, following a simple step-by-step 10 point plan to reduce the cost of divorce and rebuild your life and wealth after separation.

This includes things such as paying for your divorce without going into debt, putting family and children unconditionally first, selecting your family lawyer, negotiating a quality settlement and finally the opportunity to rebuild your life after the break up. I also challenge the current divorce system, calling for change to make the process quicker, less stressful and less expensive.

My book provides alternatives such as mediation, collaborative law and even DIY divorce.

From my own experience, I provide many money saving tips to help pay for the cost of divorce and stress the importance of remaining amicable and constructive with your spouse. Divorce isn’t fun; it will be a rollercoaster of highs and lows for some time ¬– keep things in perspective and stay positive. It is only one chapter of your life.

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