STROUD Maternity Unit is providing women with a more relaxing birthing experience thanks to the donation of new ‘sky tiles’.

The Stroud Hospitals League of Friends provided more than £4,000 to enable the maternity team to purchase and install the light fitting for the ceiling of the Mulberry Birthing room.

The sky tiles replace four ceiling tiles and, as the name suggests, is a light fitting behind an image which gives the impression of a window looking out into the sky.

Lead midwife Bobbie Cullimore said: “We have over 300 women who give birth here each year and thanks to the generosity of the Stroud League of Friends we have been able to keep our facilities up to date.

“The sky tiles have gone down really well. Our aim is to keep lighting low and draw the curtains to help provide a relaxing environment. Now the tiles are in place, they can be in the birthing pool and can look up and see the trees and sky and it helps them relax and feel calm.”

League president Dr Roy Lamb said the tiles help give the unit ‘a special atmosphere’.