YESTERDAY we had a chance to go on the set of feature film Philophobia, directed by Stroud-based Guy Davies.

Guy, 25, and his team are filming the entire production within the Five Valleys, with many of the locations linked to fond memories shared in the area.

Filming began yesterday morning outside Stroud Library, just down the road from the SNJ offices, where Guy and his friends spent time studying.

This is across the street from the Centre for Science and Art, for which Guy is the landlord and has his production base for Zebrafish Media.

Once complete, the film will be available on Netflix and Amazon Prime.

The production moved up Lansdown yesterday afternoon towards the High Street before heading up to the former site of Twisted Fix for some roof-top filming.

In these scenes the main characters walk past an injured person while chatting about girls, while the rooftop scene – subbing in for the top of the library – involves the gang smoking marijuana.

From 6pm until nightfall the team began shooting in the hills around Stonehouse where the three main characters Charlie Frances (Sammy) – originally from Nailsworth – Jack Gouldbourne (Megsy) and Joshua Glenister (Kai) – who represents Guy in the film – get high and discuss their ambitions.Stroud News and Journal:

Above - Charlie Frances (22), Joshua Glenister (23), and Jack Gouldbourne (19)

“The guys talk about life and relationships, and how Stroud can be seen as a beautiful prison for them,” said co-producer Toby Cook, of production company Fablemaze, for which this is their second feature film after ‘Eve’, out in early 2018.

“They talk about whether they will ever leave the town and the uncertainty about whether they will see their friends again and leaving behind girls who they love.

“It revolves around the uncertainty that we experience in our adolescent days, they’ve grown up in this town and are talking about the future.”

With a further month of filming ahead the team are on a rapid schedule, today’s filming includes scenes at Stonehouse skate park – which will include youngsters from the area – before heading to film scenes in what will be the character Sammy’s house.

Here, the filming will introduce actress Kate Isitt, who will play Mrs Buckley, Sammy’s mum, Kate is best known for her role as beauty therapist Sally Harper in the BBC television situation comedy Coupling.

Yesterday’s filming in the streets around Stroud town centre involved a concerted effort from production crew to manage vehicle and foot traffic between shots.

But Toby says that “everyone in Stroud has been amazing.”

“It’s such a great place to film, you can see the creativity everywhere, and how individualistic the young people are,” he said.

“You can easily see how this is a place which gives rise to creative people like Guy and inspired this story.”

While Guy has been leading the production as director, Toby says that ideas are bounced around between members of the crew.

Stroud News and Journal:

“Guy is awesome,” said Toby, pictured above, left, with co-producer Matt Cook of production company Fablemaze.

“He is clear minded in what he wants as a director and very effective, but everyone has pitched in.

“He does like to keep his direction minimal, but keeps a clear vision of what he is after.

“He has a great aesthetic, very free flowing, long takes with multiple people moving in and out of shot, it all creates a great sense of intimacy.”

Many of the production crew are from the Five Valleys, with members of the public in Stroud featuring as extras and passers-by, such as in the Stonehouse skate-park scene.

Filming is set to continue throughout August, so keep your eyes peeled.

All photos in the gallery above by Simon Pizzey.