AS part of their new suicide support charity, the family of a beloved Stroud illustrator have turned his work into Christmas cards.

Pete Morris was 29 when he took his own life last year in Randwick Woods.

Since then his family have started a suicide support charity in his memory, and are now producing Christmas cards which feature some of Pete’s work.

All the profits from the cards will go to family’s charity, Sunflowers Suicide Support.

One of Pete’s two older sisters, Abbie, told the SNJ that the festive period can be difficult for many people, especially those who have lost loved ones.

“Christmas was one of Pete’s favourite times, he loved our big family Christmas’,” said Abbie, who started the Sunflowers Suicide Support charity with sister Rebecca, mum Wendy and dad Andy.

“For us now Christmas is such a difficult time with so many memories and such a bit part of our family missing. “I wanted to try and keep Pete’s spirit and love of Christmas alive and couldn’t think of a better way to do this than through his art.

“Last year we sold candles with his work on, this year decided to see if we could edit some of his work into cards.

“It’s nice to think that a part of Pete will be in people’s homes at Christmas time.

“We acknowledge Christmas is a particularly hard time for those that have lost loved ones.

“We light a candle on Christmas Day to shine a light into the pain and loss we feel, in Memory of Pete.”

Stroud News and Journal:

Pete’s best friend Sarah Nash is the genius behind turning his artwork into Christmas cards.

She worked her magic one one design to combine his logo – the head of a stag – into a more festive image with lights intertwined around its antlers.

Abbie says the logo remains a very special piece for the family, especially because deer are often seen grazing on flowers near Pete’s grave.

The cards are £5.50 for a pack of five, with each card a different design.

For more details message the Sunflowers Suicide Support Facebook page here.