A HOMEOPATH from Stroud is bringing the film Just One Drop to the town later this month.

Hazel Rank-Broadley who specialises in alternative medicine, and Mani Norland from the School of Homeopathy, will take part in a Q&A session following the screening at VUE Cinema.

Just One Drop tells the story of homeopathy, which is a complementary or alternative medicine.

This means that homeopathy is different in important ways from treatments that are part of conventional Western medicine.

It is based on a series of ideas developed in the 1790s by a German doctor called Samuel Hahnemann.

A central principle of the treatment is that like cures like – that a substance that causes certain symptoms can also help to remove those symptoms.

Mr Norland believes Just One Drop can help the public understand homeopathy.

He said: “Many people today are confused about homeopathy, this film helps to explain more about the system of medicine and why it often confusing.

“Hopefully it will help more people find a solution for many chronic conditions that conventional medicine has no answer for.”

The film was made by Laurel Chiten, who is well aware that many people take as negative view of the alternative medicine.

"Homeopathy is a medicine that people love, or people love to hate,” said Ms Chiten.

“Critics love to attack it. It’s been called everything from pseudo-science to the ultimate fake medicine.

“But what about all the people who have been helped by this alleged “fake” form of medicine?

“Just One Drop takes us on the journey of homeopathy, a system of medicine that is used by more than 200 million people on Earth."

The film will be screened in Stroud on November 15 at 7.15pm.

Tickets are £14.50 each - the money goes to the independent film-maker who spent seven years making the film in the USA, UK, Australia & India.

Buy tickets at: https://fan-force.com/screenings/just-one-drop-vue-cinema-stroud-uk/.