Dear SNJ, this is a quick review of a couple of things I did in the holidays.

Ebley Fireworks - there was tons of fireworks and it was really good, it sounded bang-tastic and looked amazing.

My favourite one was the one that went up and then came down again.

If you have a firework in your garden make sure you stay a fair distance away.

But you don’t need to worry about that at a firework display as they have barriers.

Spectacular Science at the Sub Rooms - the Science Show was mind blowingly good starting with dancing flames.

It was “poppy” with film canisters, exploding with balloons, lots of other cool scientific experiments AND THEN toilet related CHAOS !!! to end the act.

If you didn’t go to either of these then head to their web site or check your diary to go next year.

Max Metcalfe, aged nine