A Pro-Brexit rally will take place in Stroud this weekend.

The Brexit Means Exit event will kick-off on the Sub Rooms forecourt on Saturday morning at 10.30am with speeches, before attendees march through Stroud.

Speakers will include Glenville Gogerly, the chairman for UKIP in Stroud, Simon Richards, CEO of The Freedom Association, UKIP spokesperson for small business Ernie Warrender and Luke Nash-Jones from The People's Charter Foundation.

The attendees will then march along Kendrick Street, the High Street, King Street and George Street before closing speeches on the Subs forecourt.

Organiser Martin Costello, who was UKIP’s candidate for South Swindon in the General Election, said that the demonstration would provide a ‘balanced platform’ for people to express their opinions.

The civil engineer and former Wiltshire Police Special Constable said: “In September we hosted a similar march in Swindon.

“There were a large number of people from Stroud at the meeting, which included around 200 people.

“People are very angry about how Brexit is being handled, and we want to send a clear message to No10 that we need to make a stand.”

Stroud bucked the national trend with 55 per cent, or 40,446, of the constituency voting to remain during the EU referendum.

Glenville Gogerly, chairman of UKIP Stroud, added: “A number of pro-Brexit groups have come together as we have all become increasingly frustrated at the slow progress of the Brexit talks.

“We are coming together in Stroud Town Centre to peacefully make the point that the will of the 17.4 million people who voted to leave the EU must not be blocked.”

However, other organisations have indicated that they will be forming a counter-rally on the day, in response to a ‘deliberate and provocative action’ by the organisers. District councillor Paul Denney (Cam West, Labour) said: “This is a deliberate and provocative action.

“Stroud certainly voted to remain in Europe and I hope that those who did so will join me in attending the gathering to peacefully have their say.”

The Brexit Means Exit event starts at 10.30am this Saturday