ON the reader’s letter criticising the state of the Conservative Party.

Posted by Steve3005:Gloucestershire appears not to agree with your logic as the recent Chalford councillor election returned the Conservative candidate with a gain of 8.6 per cent whilst Labour lost 6.1 per cent.

Still, I do sympathise with your plight, as I understand facts are hard to understand in the fantasy world of Labour.

You also take issue with the UK vote to leave the EU and then enter into another fantasy world.

You seem to think that the money no longer being sent to the EU (c£10bn/yr) will provide a future Labour government (good joke by the way) with the money they will need to take the utilities back into public ownership.

And yet, the cost of the Labour commitments are given at £60bn by Labour, which means £250bn for anyone who can show a better grasp of arithmetic than Diane Abbott.

You then demonstrate your total lack of understanding of the real world, by saying taking over the shareholders register of the utility companies (for this is what nationalisation means) will not result in the Government “taking back control” because so many of the utilities are controlled by foreign companies thanks to Tory policy.

Newsflash - on nationalisation those wicked foreigners will no longer control the utility companies.

Oh dear, oh dear. Can I recommend the book Economics For Dummies, it is available in bookshops for £11, or in Labour economic terms £11,000.

Next week - a simple explanation of how Labour privatised by the backdoor using PFI.

Posted by Citizen3: It takes a very special person to vote or support Labour these days. You have to be very good at forgetting things.

First and foremost you have to forget the thousand dead military who lost their lives for nothing in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The hundreds of orphans and widows left behind.

Then you have to forget the bank bail outs of 2008 by Gordon Brown when he made ordinary taxpayers responsible for the debts created by the bank owners. You then have to forget that Labour leaders would keep us in the EU where Germans and the French get to make laws we have to live by and where we have to pay billions for the “privilege” of allowing millions of foreigners into our country to compete for work and accommodation.