FOR many UK homebuyers, their perfect-property dream turns sour quickly.

Noisy neighbours and unexpected heavy traffic outside often lead to buyer’s regret within a few months, according to a study from home interiors specialist Hillarys.

The research found that one in three buyers realise it’s not their dream home within a few months of moving.

They admit they have considered selling and moving, with five per cent actually looking for a new home.

“There’s nothing more exciting that finding your dream home, but then there’s nothing worse than moving into your dream home and realising it’s not as much of a dream as you had hoped,” said Tanya Irons, spokesperson for Hillarys.

“Whether your neighbours are unbearable, the house is falling down around you or the traffic outside is loud and constant, the smallest thing can make the dream come crashing down.

“It’s always worth being realistic as nothing’s ever perfect and you need to make the most of the situation.”

The research looked at people who had bought their current home within the past two years.

They were asked about their new home, their decision to buy and their current feelings towards the purchase.

The top reason for disliking their new home was noisy and disruptive neighbours with 41 per cent citing this as the main reason.

When asked how they dealt with noisy, disruptive neighbours, some 73 per cent confessed that they didn’t say anything to their neighbours out of fear of making the situation worse.