A DOCTORS surgery in Stroud has regained its overall rating of good from the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

Following an inspection in May 2017 Locking Hill Surgery was found to be inadequate due to breaches in health regulations.

However, after the most recent inspection in January 2018 the surgery was found to have vastly improved in all areas.

Chief Inspector of General Practice, Professor Steve Field, summarised the findings of the CQC.

“Since our inspection in May 2017, the practice had recognised a need to change and had reviewed and revised many systems and processes across all areas,” said Mr Field.

“In the process of doing these reviews they had sought help and advice from a range of external bodies and independent consultants.

“The practice has introduced a range of new and revised policies and procedures, such as health and safety policy and medicine management policies.

“It also had clear systems to manage risk so that safety incidents were less likely to happen. Results from the July 2017 annual national GP patient survey showed patients rated the practice higher than average in many areas of care.”

Despite the overall rating of good Mr Field suggested that improvements could be made in certain areas.

“Locking Hill Surgery should continue to develop their policy on essential training,” said Mr Field.

“It should also work to embed and keep under review recent improvements, particularly those relating to management and governance arrangements.”

The partners at Locking Hill Surgery are delighted that the improvement has not gone unnoticed.

A spokesperson said: “The partners very much welcome this news and it reflects the hard work and dedication of the whole practice team.

“We are also grateful to our practice patient participation group and NHS Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group for their support.

“Patient care has always been our top priority and this has been an opportunity for us to take a wider view of what could be improved within the practice.

“Whilst this is positive news, we are not complacent and will look to build on this going further.”

For the full report visit www.cqc.org.uk/location/1-561930325.