A VERDICT of suicide was recorded today at the inquest into the death of much-loved teenager George Holloway.

George, 18, who lived with his family in Upper Washwell, Painswick, died after falling from the Merrywalks multi-storey car park in Stroud on Saturday, October 21 near the Rowcroft Retreat exit.

Gloucestershire coroner Katie Skerrett ruled that although George may have only had a 'fleeting' intention to take his own life, this was clearly his intention.

"He drank a lot and then placed himself in a very precarious position," she said.

"If he had not had that much alcohol and if he had not placed himself in that position his intention may have passed."

A post mortem examination showed that George died from head injuries: a skull fracture with trauma to the brain.

He had a blood alcohol reading of 140mgs - approaching twice the drink-drive limit.

Detective Constable Mark Sallis, who investigated George's death, said spots of blood were found at the top of the car park, which was consistent with evidence pointing to him having suffering a nose bleed at that time.

George had walked to the car park from the Lord John pub, where he had been drinking with friends before becoming upset by a conversation with someone he knew.