Born to Play

IN THE movie Chariots of Fire Eric Liddle famously stated… “God made me fast. And when I run, I feel His pleasure.”

This sentiment may not be exactly replicated by all who read this however there can be little doubt that as humans, we are physical beings.

You only have to observe children for a few moments to see the natural energy that characterises the way they play.

Movement, whether it’s running, jumping, skipping, tip toeing or dancing brings delight.

This art of play is something that can be lost as we grow up.

Perhaps we become preoccupied with the demands of serious adult life developing inhibitions that stop us playing freely the same way children do.

If we don’t take time to engage with physical activity, play, games, we risk losing the numerous benefits that stretch far beyond the obvious physical ones.

Physical activity has also been shown to have hugely positive effects on mental, spiritual, emotional and social wellbeing.

Christians believe that God made humans to reflect his own character.

The first book in the bible says that “God created humankind in his own image” (Genesis 1:27).

The very act of creation can be seen as an act of play with God designing all manner of weird and wacky animals, plants and landscapes.

God delights in his creation when we do what we were designed to do.

Part of this is using our bodies for enjoyment and looking after them in the right way.

The times when I am running through a forest, walking up a mountain, cycling down a track are the moments when I am able to most clearly communicate with God and listen to what he is saying to me.

Throwing a frisbee around a park with friends bring laughter and joy.

The challenge of learning how to juggle (my current challenge) teaches me perseverance and determination.

Play is good for the soul.

God made us physical beings.

So let’s play and enjoy the bodies he has given us!

PSALMS - Putting Sport Alongside Local Ministries.

Local Christian charity that partners with churches to help them bring sport and physical recreation to local communities.

Children and young people have the opportunity to explore the Christian faith through the lens of sport, games and play.