PRINCESS ANNE and Sir Tim Laurence were welcomed to a packed Holy Trinity church in Minchinhampton on Friday evening for a special dedication service.

A congregation of several hundred were present for the service led by the Bishop of Gloucester, The Rt Rev Rachel Treweek, also in attendance were Lord-Lieutenant of Gloucestershire Dame Janet Trotter and Mr Charles Martell, High Sheriff of Gloucestershire.

The visit marked the completion of the first phase of a building campaign at the church during which pews were removed and a stone-flagged floor laid.

These works were part of the first major renovation of Holy Trinity since Victorian era.

After the service Princess Anne and Sir Tim Laurence met with the local builders and craftspeople who have been working with care and sensitivity on this historic project.

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Nick Miles, owner of the main contractor NMBC Ltd, said that it was a pleasure to meet the Princess Royal.

“It was such a rewarding project to work on and everything went really smoothly,” he said. “Although we were a bit nervous meeting Princess Anne she was really lovely, and seemed genuinely interested to hear about the work.”

A brief video of the royal visit and the stunning interior of Holy Trinity parish church in Minchinhampton

Aside from spending time chatting with the dozens of craftsmen and women involved with the project, the royal couple also met with the main sponsors and trustees who helped fund the major renovation.

An archaeologist who was responsible for the two weeks of investigation of the medieval church under the current building was also presented to Princess Anne and Sir Tim, as well as the architect who was in charge of the project.

Architect Anne-Marie Fallon said that the work had opened the church and helped to create a multi-disciplinary space.

“The work that has been done is a fantastic example of how faith can be brought into the modern world,” she said. “The space has been opened up to create a warm, bright and inviting space for worshippers.”

Following the presentations, Princess Anne and Sir Tim spent time talking with members of the congregation and the dedicated team who help with the general running of the church.

A plaque was also unveiled by the royal visitor to commemorate the occasion and during the accompanying speech the princess said that she had been ‘inspired’ by the visit.

For more wonderful pictures from the royal visit view the photo gallery above

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“This project is a really good example of what can be done, and I am inspired by what you have achieved here,” Princess Anne said. “The occasion is a part of a history of the church and a remarkable journey for all of those involved.”

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View our photo gallery above for more wonderful photos from the royal visit

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