Christian Comment with Barrie Voyce, Youth & Development Leader

OVER the past couple of years I have become a "man of many hats" - having chosen to become part-time director at The Door in order to be more flexible and spend more time with my family, I seem to have picked up a variety of other responsibilities and commitments.

From the outside this can seem to people like I have lots and lots of things going in, and I must be incredibly busy!

Whilst its true that I am trustee of PSALMS, chair of Street Pastors, Church Elder, Advisor to The Grace Network, and Youth & Development Leader at Stroud Christian Fellowship, I try to keep the term "busy" out of my vocabulary.

I really believe that 'business' has become the curse of 21st century western culture.

We seem to be validated by the 'things' we do.

I am struck by how many leaders appear to justify themselves by telling others that they are 'soooo busy' at the moment.

People often start a conversation with me with 'I know you're busy, but....'

In all of life, I look to Jesus as my role model.

He had the most important job on the planet, and as we read the Bible accounts of his life, we can see that those around him put huge demands on his time.

People wanted to listen to him, be prayed for by him, invite him to their houses, be healed by him.

In some ways I don't think you could ever find a busier man.

And yet I am constantly struck by how he is able to make time for people - we read how he stopped what he was doing in a busy crowd in order to speak to one individual.

As he does its like the rest of the world disappears and he is focused solely on that one human being.

Jesus ability to be 'in the moment' with individuals shows just how much God loves each and everyone of us.

He is prepared to stop everything to spend time with us.

One of Jesus' most famous parables talks of how a farmer (God) would leave 99 sheep (Christians) in order to find the one lost sheep (a non-believer who needs saving).

This is how much God loves me, and you.

The other thing I notice about Jesus is how he is able to make time for himself - to go off and spend time in prayer to his father God.

All his ability to serve and help people comes from his ability to recharge and focus himself on God's plans for him.

Finding time to stop and take stock isn't easy, nor is being 'present in the moment' and not get distracted.

I think I fail more often than I succeed.

But when I do get it right, I realise how much more fulfilled my life is, and how much more effective I become.