The cows are back.

It's one of the statements which holds meaning for anyone who has live in, or visited, the five valleys.

The extraordinary sight of hundreds of cows, a handful of horses, and our very own donkey, mingling amongst the golfers, walkers and kite flyers, is one to treasure - and be proud of.

The first time I saw it, I thought the world had gone mad - now I realise that it's part of what makes our area so precious.

Common grazing rights have been in place since the middle-ages and the annual grazing is now part of the very special biodiversity of the grasslands.

Our commons are not only a Site of Special Scientific Interest, but also a Special Area of Conservation and an Ancient Monument.

And our cows are intrinsic in preserving the habitat of the many rare and diverse species of insects and plants found there.

So, it's not just the life of a cow that is at risk from those who speed across the common, it's our valleys.

Please, this year, make sure you slow down for the cows.