AS STROUD endures the hay fever season those suffering from it look for cures to prevent the discomfort.

Hay fever sufferers take tablets or try to keep indoors away from the pollen, but in the worst cases steroids can be prescribed from your GP.

However, many claim the cure to be a sweet snack.

This snack is local honey and it is believed when the pollen allergens are taken by mouth, an immune tolerance is built up.

However, the honey has to be taken frequently and over time for it to be an effective solution.

So, for the summer ahead stock up on local honey and in turn help producers across the community.

This is particularly relevant for today and the rest of the week as pollen levels are likely to be high.

According to Stroud Beekeepers, a thriving collaboration of around 100 small-scale apiary's are dotted throughout the Five Valleys.

If you would like to purchase local honey, visit Sunshine Health Shop on Church Street or visit Shambles Market in the High Street.

Please visit for information on local honey