The Prime Minister received a unique gift from a Stroud woman last week: a custom-made pair of shoes.

Becky, who receives support from Hft, a national charity supporting adults with learning disabilities, travelled to 10 Downing Street on Thursday, June 7 with the shoes to encourage the Government to better understand what life is like for people with learning disabilities.

The trip was part of the Walk in Our Shoes campaign, an initiative from the charity’s speak-out group, Voices to be Heard, who feel that their hopes and concerns are not given the same attention by political leaders as those of people without disabilities.

Issues ranging from public toilets access to funding cuts are amongst the concerns that members of Voices to be Heard have said they’d like to raise with their local MP.

Becky was one of two members of the speak-out group who travelled to the capital today to deliver the shoes. The custom-made footwear has been designed using pictures of Voices to be Heard members and Hft’s signature purple and gold colours.

Becky, who is chair of Voices to Be Heard, said they started the campaign because they want the issues that matter to them be heard.

“The government doesn't listen to people with disabilities,” she said. “We need to form our own groups so that our voice is loud and clear and then government will hear us and will take people with disabilities more seriously.

“Life with learning disabilities presents challenges every day to people who are having to live with a different type of disabilities.”

The special delivery follows on from the charity’s Thunderclap Appeal which saw Hft enlisting public support to help facilitate opportunities for people with learning disabilities to share their experiences with politicians.

Social media posts were sent out simultaneously flash mob style from 140 accounts to Theresa May, calling for the Prime Minister to encourage politicians to spend time with people with a learning disability in their constituency by visiting an Hft service and hearing first-hand more about the issues that matter to them.

Billy Davis, Hft’s Public Affairs and Policy Manager said; “We wanted to capture the attention of the Prime Minister with an unusual gift that plays on her love of shoes.

“Despite the learning disability sector accounting for a third of adult social care spend, the people we support feel excluded from the conversation in the political arena.

“With the impending Green Paper and parallel body of work around social care it’s timelier than ever, that the voices of people with learning disabilities are heard.

“That’s why the people we support are calling on politicians to walk in the shoes of people with learning disabilities. To spend time finding out more about the issues that matter to them with the aim of influencing long lasting, positive policy change.”

More information about the campaign can be found on Hft’s website: