A KILLER whale has been spotted near a bay on the English Channel according to reports on social media.

The impressive sight captured on video by a volunteer from the Sea Watch Foundation.

"We are very pleased with how positively the general public responds to these encounters and how much they enjoy getting involved in reporting sightings of these animals," said a spokesperson from the marine charity.

"The time volunteer sea watchers have spent searching for these species and the subsequent reporting of them has allowed the Sea Watch Foundation to improve the knowledge and understanding about the population status of the species around the British Isles."

The predators who sit at the top of the food chain have one of the most complex languages in the animal kingdom.

Despite this it is very rare for a killer whale to attack a human and there have been no known cases of the predators eating anyone according to whalefacts.org.

Killer whales are easily identified by their conspicuous black and white colouration and tall dorsal fins.

To learn more about orca's visit seawatchfoundation.org.uk