A PHOTOGRAPHER with a rare disorder will host an exciting new exhibition at the Lansdown Gallery this August.

Jo Sutherst who was shortlisted for the Picfair Women Behind the Lens award in 2018 suffers from Addison's disease, but has not let this prevent her from following her dreams.

"My exhibition Fractured Identities reflects how the endless electronic messages and stimulus we receive from social media cause us to analyse and judge ourselves," said Ms Sutherst.

"As a result, we find ourselves changing who we appear to be to meet the expectations of others."

Throughout the exhibition, Jo Sutherst uses performance and self-portraiture to explore the ways in which social media affects the ways in which we present ourselves.

Using a series of often comical props and cosmetics designed to enhance appearance, Sutherst explores the world of the media generated selfie.

Fractured Identities will take place from July 31 to August 11 between 10am and 4pm daily.

Admission is free at the Lansdown Gallery in Lansdown Road, Stroud.