WITH A-LEVEL results coming out on August 16 more than three quarters of students are likely to get into their first choice university.

However, some students will miss out on the grades they want, but this does not mean you will not get a degree, says Ruth Sparkes editor of teen magazine, Future Mag.

This comes after a message from Helen Thorpe who works as the Ucas director of external relations.

"We expect most universities and colleges to be offering clearing places and there will be opportunities across the full range of subject choices," said Ms Thorpe.

Last year, a record number of students totalling nearly 67,000 found university places through clearing - a system that helps universities match students who do not have a place on a course.

In fact, some universities advertise course vacancies on their websites from July when clearing opens while others wait until A level results have been confirmed.

More than ever now, students are using clearing to apply to university directly for the first time, submitting a full Ucas application after they’ve completed exams.

Although universities will not accept applicants until they have their results in hand.

Universities advise students to write a list of potential courses – with bullet points and important details.

Prospective students can even phone some universities in advance to register interest and details with them, which will save time on results day.

Dr Lisette Johnston, head of the school at ScreenSpace and part of the MetFilm School in Ealing said universities want to see 'real keenness'.

"Even if your grades aren’t as good as you’d hoped, you can still get a place if you’re able to express why your grades weren’t as you’d expected," said Dr Johnston.