BREXIT will hit the pockets of people living in the South West, according to the London School of Economics and People's Vote campaign.

The research suggests that an economic boost from leaving the EU at this stage is very wide of the mark, even with a 'soft' Brexit.

Data from the public research university indicates that a hard Brexit would see each households in the South West between £259 and £938 worse off every year, a decade after Britain leaves the EU.

Sam Hickmott, owner of small business in the South West spoke of why he believes Brexit will impact Britain negatively.

"Far from the promised financial windfall with extra money for the NHS, leaving the EU and the biggest single market in the world, is going to cost us all," said Mr Hickmott.

"Many towns across the South West depend on the EU, for jobs, investment, trade and research."

They suggest that, even with a 'soft' Brexit where Britain retains access to the single market, it would still leave every person in the South West anything up to £502 a year worse off.

According to the analysis, people living in Swindon, Bristol and Cotswolds are some of those expected to take some of the biggest financial hits from Brexit.