For SNJ columnist John Light, August is too early for football season.

IT is here. It is far too soon.

It is spreading through the media like an unwanted rash.

The football season is upon us!

Football has its place – autumn, winter and early spring. It has no place in August, but here it is – now!

The phoney war of pre-season friendlies has come to an end and now competition has started in earnest.

I love football and watch as much as I can but have a strictly local emphasis in what I watch.

Fairford, Cirencester, Brimscombe, down to Yate and of course Forest Green, Cheltenham, Swindon and the two Bristol clubs provide a wide and interesting spectrum.

The footballing equivalent of Japanese knotweed, the Premier League is not for me.

I despair of arrogant managers, pampered players, obscene amounts paid to both and the constant soap operas of sackings and transfers.

Go into any local sports shop and instead of kit from our local teams you will see Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool and the Manchester clubs represented.

They are sold at inflated prices, come in all shapes and sizes and is worn from the cradle to the grave by many who have no connection whatsoever with the teams they swell the coffers of.

Through local newspapers, supporters can be kept informed of their local team, see players develop, watch matches and truly engage with the club or clubs.

This is much more rewarding than being a long distance ‘glory hunter’.

Us local fans have depth of interest and depth of knowledge.

Riches indeed!

We can also keep our views in healthy perspective.

The national sporting media fail to do this.

They encourage the pouting popinjay Jose Mourinho to actually believe he is ‘the special one’ and far too much credence is given to his whinging.

Unfortunately there are many similar.

There is a way to avoid this all enveloping rash.

Visit your local team or teams.

Match day experience at Forest Green is always something to enjoy and value.

There is more to it than just the football.

Real people run the place.

They are accessible - they listen and have already built something special.

See you there.