Swans in and around Stroud have had a hard time lately.

Back in May, police announced they were investigating the possible theft of swan eggs in Frampton on Severn.

And now police believe a man dive-bombed a family of swans in Stonehouse before throwing a cygnet.

If true, it is hard to understate the needless cruelty of the act.

Swans might not be the friendliest of creatures - no doubt most of you reading this have had a touch and go encounter at some point.

But, in any case, they are a fixture of our area’s wildlife and spotting a swan family is always a highlight on a canalside walk.

Thankfully, we have teams of wildlife wardens looking out for them on our behalf.

Take the case of a Stratford Park swan that lost her eggs earlier this summer.

She nearly starved to death trying to lay a new batch after she got stranded when the lake was drained.

The Park’s wildlife team came to her rescue - and, perhaps as thanks, she has now given Stroud a brand new cygnet.