AN INNOVATIVE Stroud enterprise has launched a new app that is designed to tackle loneliness and isolation whilst improving wellbeing.

The Remarkable Lives team are taking a positive approach to the challenges that an ageing population has caused and so they will seek to support older people in their later years.

Owen McNeir, the founder of Remarkable Lives outlined the power of the apps story as well as how they will share echo's from the past.

"I hope people of all ages will enjoy our app, it is based on storytelling and we all love a good story," explained Mr McNeir.

"Despite this there are so many stories close to home, in our own families, that get forgotten or lost.

"One of my motivations for starting Remarkable Lives was being shocked to learn so much about my own grandparents after they’d passed away."

They will do this by building an interactive timeline of memories for older people - this will be unique as the app chronicles people’s life stories from the beginning.

Essentially, Remarkable Lives aims to be simple to use and a key feature is that it does not require elderly people to be tech savvy or confident using apps.

"While running life story workshops in care homes, I was astonished at how so many of people’s life stories were unknown to their families and their carers," added Mr McNeir.

"I saw how this impacts chances of ageing healthily along with how it compounds loneliness and isolation at a time in people’s lives when they should be valued and heard."

The whole point is that someone else, such as a child or grandchild, will create the profile and populate the timeline with photos and stories.

Remarkable Lives is free to download to the iPhone and can be found on the app store.

To find out more visit or like their Facebook page at