People angered at being inconvenienced abused a community policewoman controlling traffic after a crash.

She had to call from help from what a witness described as “five burly officers”, who calmed down irate drivers.

The officer had been diverting traffic after a crash in Nailsworth in which a motorcyclist was hurt.

The man, a 30-year-old from Stroud, was taken by ambulance to Southmead Hospital, Bristol, where he is in a stable but serious condition.

Stroud News and Journal:

A picture of The Ladder when it was closed taken from afar

The accident, which happened outside Beaudesert School, was reported just before 7.30am.

Police closed the top of The Ladder, George Street and Watledge Road for the whole morning to investigate the scene.

At the time Paddy Coyle, whose shop was near the closed road known locally as ‘the W’, said at the time: “There are loads of police outside at the moment, absolutely loads."

Stroud News and Journal:

The Ladder had been closed off by police

“They’re not letting anybody through.”

“And people are getting irate, whizzing past and doing handbrake turns.” 

He took to his Facebook group, Nailsworth Chat & Information, to urge people to be more understanding with the officer at the scene who, he said, was “getting a lot of abuse”.

“I do wish people would think of the plight and distress of others,” replied social media user Sue Neate.

Stroud News and Journal:

Traffic around the scene just after the accident 

“Someone, and probably a family too, is experiencing a nightmare situation.

“Let the police do their job, and think of the poor motorcyclist involved.”

Paddy later said the officer who dealt with angry drivers had been on transfer to Nailsworth.

“The officer was a community police officer on a transfer from Cheltenham, to a small sleepy town, she was told,” he said.

“She had no idea of the abuse she was about to receive. I was shocked myself.

“She called for back-up and about five burly officers calmed the situation down.” 

Gloucestershire police later said in a statement: “A full road closure had to be put in place due to the serious nature of the collision and the need to allow our roads police officers access to investigate and preserve any necessary evidence.”

“We understand disruption was caused due to the closure but we hope people will understand why.”

The rider is now being treated in Bristol Royal Infirmary.

If you have information call police on 101 quoting incident number 55 of September 28.