Below is the editorial comment from this week's SNJ (Oct 10).

An Archway teacher showing a ‘racist’ sketch to parents was an unfortunate mistake indeed (

But a mistake nonetheless - by no means should readers of our front page this week go on to make any judgement about the school and its teaching.

Far from it - other schools can’t hold one candle, let alone four, to the challenges staff at Archway have to overcome every day.

In last week’s edition, we ran a story about headteachers marching to Downing Street to protest school funding.

Though Archway’s head, Colin Belford, could not make it, he offered the SNJ a frank discussion about the state of his school’s budget, warning deficit is likely next year.

And yet, in the face of such financial adversity, Archway still delivers fantastic teaching - as we found out firsthand at this year’s GCSE results day.

Gaby Zarif joined Archway in Year 10 from Romania, speaking little English, but managed to pass all of his exams thanks to extra help from the school.

Proof enough that Archway, unlike the Two Ronnies, does understand communication.