Stroud-based eco-activists have launched a design competition.

Mission LifeForce, a campaign for the creation of an international crime of ecocide based in Stroud, wants help designing T-shirts and bumper stickers.

Entries must the campaign's icon, the URL ( and one of the following 3 slogans:

• I'm an EARTH PROTECTOR on a mission

• One law to protect the Earth - and I'm backing it

• Reclaim the future - become a legal EARTH PROTECTOR

Those entering are asked to use approximate dimensions that will work for the purpose you've chosen (either T-shirt or bumper sticker - you may submit designs for both if you wish).

Send in designs to by Thursday, October 25.

Mission LifeForce is headed up by barrister and internationally acclaimed legal pioneer Polly Higgins along with Stroud-raised eco-activist Jojo Mehta.


Ecocide expert Polly Higgins