In his Stroud farmers' market column for this week's SNJ (Oct 10), Gerb Gerbrands talks about the market's annual apple day.

Oh come ye apple ogglers, ye fans du pomme, ye guzzlers of juice and cider! Come one and all to the annual celebration of the apple! Huzzah!

Stroud Farmers’ market’s annual apple day happens this Saturday and once again we will be rolling out our apple press for some live juicing at the market.

We will have some James Grieve and some Howgate Wonder for juicing ourselves and there will be free tasters for all, but if any customers would like to bring a bag of apples from their own tree and a bottle for the juice we would happy to squeeze them. Apple juicing will commence from 10am.

In the market square there will be a display so vibrant, so interesting and oh so tasty as local apple experts from Days Cottage will be laying out a display of our county’s glorious apple heritage harvested from their Heritage Orchard and elsewhere; there will be nigh on 100 varieties!

Come along for a look and a taste and you can even bring an apple from your garden and get it identified.

As far as apples and pears for sale on Saturday is concerned there will be fruit at Days, Styans Family Produce, Ascott Gardens and Coleshill Organic.

Elsewhere there will be apple themed pasties at Studio Pastry, apple delights at M’s Café and a special pudding week at Cotswold Puddings who will have apple crumbles for sale alongside their usual sticky toffee, sticky lemon and sticky ginger puddings.

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