A STROUD parent has set out to help create a world where negative and outdated perceptions of Down’s syndrome (DS) will become a thing of the past as part of an awareness month this October.

This comes courtesy of the latest project by the Wouldn’t Change a Thing organisation, who provide a platform for parents of children with the condition who together can have a voice to influence mainstream opinion.

Tiffanie Smith from Stroud, a member of the organisation, outlined her motivations for the project.

“We wouldn’t change our kids for the world, but we would change the world for them,” explained Tiffanie.

“Every child matters and every child has a right to opportunities to be the best they can be.”


Tiffanie Smith with her son Alfie, 5, and daughter Nancy, 8

Tiffanie went on to describe how today, those with DS often go onto gain a good education, get meaningful work, fall in love and get married.

As part of this project, a video has been launched called 50 Ordinary Families, 1 Extraordinary Journey.

The video has so far racked up more than 800,000 views and has gone viral on Facebook.

It outlines how some parents initially feel trepidation when obtaining a diagnosis, but as the children get older viewers see that life typically blossoms into ‘something very special’ - despite the medical challenges DS may bring.

In spite of the challenges, research shows that more than 90 per cent of people with DS and their families report being happier and more enriched for having the condition in their lives than if they did not.

Both Tiffanie and the organisation hope that this will challenge outdated perceptions.

To help change perceptions see wouldntchangeathing.org