ONE of the joys of writing this column is the interaction with readers.

This may occur by email, postings on the website or verbally as I move around the county.

The record number of postings was over 40, following my thoughts about Brexit, referendums and the best way forward.

So many different solutions were put forward.

This of course is the root of the problem. There is no clear way ahead of us.

Following my article on Cotswold pubs and their landlords who are no longer with us an email arrived from Brittany where Richard and Liz Goodfellow, formerly of the Daneway Inn at Sapperton are now in happy retirement.

A warm tribute to the Drillmans Arms at Stratton was made by Michael Beresford and an alternative list of the Cotswolds finest pubs arrived. I am enjoying checking the all out.

My grammar and one or two errors of fact have been properly noted and my attention drawn to them.

I am delighted. This shows that people are still concerned about high standards and such perceptive observations put me firmly on my mettle.

Perhaps my severest critics are the Monday evening customers at the Twelve Bells. One in particular buzzes like a wasp, always ready to sting you. “You are always writing about the finest grammar school in the Cotswolds or the village of Sheepscombe” are his main criticisms.

There is of course an easy way of dealing with his complaints and it is working. Quite simply he is asked to look at the evidence. To his credit he has done so, visited Sheepscombe and now sees my point.

One of the joys of retirement is the time and opportunity to indulge in cheerful banter with one’s fellow men and no comment about this column has been of a sour nature. No I am wrong, there was one, but worry not, my shoulders are broad.

There is nothing better than a cheerful argument. They do so much to defuse prejudice, sometimes inform and generally make the world a better place.

Keep the comments coming!