Below is a letter from this week's SNJ (Oct 31).

RICHARD Spencer makes a good point about the need to re-open Stonehouse Bristol Road station. (

It is a pity that the Halcrow Report nearly 20 years ago did not get the result it deserved, especially when other local rail traffic levels have risen 150% since then.

The following points are also very relevant.

It is ironic - with Stroud and ‘sustainability’ always linked together - that the economically important Stroudwater valley (Stonehouse and Stroud) has no sustainable transport access to Bristol – the Regional City renowned for its green credentials.

Over 70% of all rail travellers get to their station by sustainable means (walk, cycle, public transport).

Stonehouse is almost a perfect fit for all these yet there is no direct rail access to the South West and it is not easy going North out of the County.

With a relevant population of over 40,000 the Stroudwater valley is arguably the largest local urban area astride the NE/SW main line between Leeds and Plymouth without a station.

Having invested great sums of time and money in ‘recycling’ the Stroudwater Canal, it is rather surprising that the District Council has not twigged that a ‘recycled‘ Stonehouse Station is just across the road from The Ocean and a Visitors’ Centre.

A perfect sustainable tourism match, as witnessed along the Kennett and Avon Canal!

The County has one of the lowest rail generation rates in the West Country, partly because Stroud is a poor performer thanks to no service to the South West.

Local investment in railways is now very limited, but it’s no use waiting patiently at the end of a queue.

A good business case can be made, but it does need the active support of the whole community from top to bottom.

Robert Crockford