Below is the editorial comment from this week's SNJ (Oct 31).

Stroud is full of surprises.

The big revelation for some of those reading our story on Kimmins Mill on page four of this week's SNJ ( will not have been the news of the heritage centre’s upcoming ejection - it would have been the fact the centre even exists.

For nearly two decades, unbeknownst to shoppers working their way through their weekly lists a stone’s throw away in Sainsbury’s, volunteer archivists have been working their way through a menagerie of historical material in an old mill.

By January, what they have protected and curated must go.

But the priority at present should not be finger-pointing.

Instead, it must be finding a home for the collections in Kimmins Mill - for not just the volunteer’s sake, but our own.

And not just for the preservation of our area’s history and identity - the centre is full of specialist construction records that can help us understand the buildings - and, moreover, their integrity - that have been built before our time.

If that knowledge isn’t stored in Kimmins, where will it go?