WHY do the clocks have to go back so soon?

To compound this error they spring forward too late.

We have to endure too many dark evenings.

The need for a change should be confined to the dead of winter, November 20 to February 10 or thereabouts should surely suffice.

Winter can be depressing and long dark evenings make it more so.

Push the autumn change back and bring the spring one forward please.

For over 45 years of my life I was either a school teacher or a pupil.

The clock change meant a total curtailment of school activates that can bring so much to school life.

Darkness drove us indoors where space was limited.

All outdoor games suffered. At a time when obesity is a recognised problem these activates should be encourage not stopped.

At a time when our high streets are having a tough time I am sure the lighter evenings would encourage trade.

Cirencester benefits from free parking after 3pm if darkness falls after 4pm who will take advantage?

As someone who grew up in the countryside for far too long in winter was getting home in the dark for too much of the year.

Autumn is an attractive time of the year. Our woods and valleys are a magnificent sight. An afternoon drive and a visit to our many attractive tea rooms are a pleasure. Do not snatch the opportunity from us. An extra four weeks of light evenings is something for all to relish.

Similarly in springtime. The clocks going forwards is a landmark we all look forward to. It signifies spring is on the way. Why do we have to wait so long for this delightful day to arrive? However hard the winter may be the current dates cannot be justified. Instead they make the dreariness of winter worse – change please!

A date must be found in February.