A car covered in messages warning people about climate change stopped people in their tracks when it appeared in Stroud yesterday.


The car was brightly painted with messages warning people about fracking, climate change and reminding people about the '17,000' species of animals which face extinction each year.

Parked up on the grass in Wallbridge near the canal the car was also emblazoned with the Extinction Rebellion logo, the organisation behind a growing number of 'civil disobediences' currently taking place across the country.


Last week 15 environmental protesters claiming to be from the organisation were arrested after taking part in a protest in Westminster.

Two weeks ago the environmental activists blocked a main road in Stroud in order to raise awareness about the awareness campaigns.

It is understood that further disruptions are planned by the group, which boasts thousands of members, over the coming months.


Referenced on a sign on top of a car is a strike which appears to be planned for November 16.