Below is an exchange featured in the SNJ's letters section on the location of The Ladder prompted by our report on a motorcycle crash in Nailsworth (

Ref your report ‘Crash Site Disgrace’.

Please advise your readers of the correct name for the hill from Nailsworth to Minchinhampton.

The road is the ‘W’ which if you drive up or down you will know why it is so called.

The ladder goes straight up the side of the common from the bottom of the W just above Chestnut House.

It used to be used regularly for car and motorcycle hill climbs.

Having lived here for 80 years I do not think I have got this wrong.

John England


In response to the letter of John England, I recently had a similar discussion with family members.

And was swiftly informed of the correct location of The Ladder.

The source of my misunderstanding was Google.

Perhaps they should be told and encouraged to take one of their camera cars up The Ladder!

Martin Godwin