PUPILS in Nympsfield united to raise money for Macmillan in honour of James Keith, an old school friend.

They hosted a coffee morning at Saint Joseph’s Primary School on October 19, after James passed away from cancer.

In total, they managed to raise more than £655 as they eclipsed expectations.

After the successful afternoon, year 5 children spoke collaboratively.

“We really enjoyed doing our bit for this year’s coffee afternoon,” the pupils explained.

“It was great to get people together, have a nibble and a natter and raise money for Macmillan to help people living with cancer.

“We want to thank everyone who helped to make it a success.”

Ms Crispy, their class teacher, described how the children in the class demonstrated a strong level of connection and empathy towards the charity.

“They were so dedicated to making the event perfect,” she said.