Stroud residents will now get first dibs at buying their library building if it is ever sold off after the town council successfully applied for a special status.

The county council-owned library on Lansdown has been listed as an asset of community value , meaning any attempt to sell the building would be paused for six months to give Stroud residents enough time to get organised and make a bid.

ACV status was applied for by the town council.

“The library is an important asset to Stroud and it is only right that it is included in the list of the town’s assets,” said the town's mayor Kevin Cranston.

He also explained the application is one of many the town council is submitting in an effort to get protected status for Stroud's assets, not because there is a threat to the library.

This assurance has been echoed by the county council.

Councillor Dave Norman, who is in charge of Gloucestershire's libraries service, said: “We would always notify local people of any changes to our services and the county council has no intention of selling the Stroud Library building as we know it is an important community hub."

Over in Stonehouse negotiations are underway between the county council and town council on the future of its library.

The county council wants to move the library from its building on Elm Road to the town hall.

Stonehouse Library on Elm Road