The following is taken from the Youth Voice column from this week's SNJ (Nov 14).

Dear SNJ, it’s me again.

This week I cannot talk about camper vans versus caravans because I was on holiday so did not get the chance to write about it.

Now it is Halloween time so I will be talking about that in my article today.

If you didn’t know Halloween is my third best time of the year (Christmas 1st, birthday 2nd).

I have been looking forward to it and planning it for the past year.

For Halloween I did a fake surgery, this is what happened.... 

You walked up our drive and we had spooky music playing... you would put a glove on and put your hand in some disgusting gloop which was hidden inside a fake dead body that I made out of stuffing a boiler suit with news paper.

If you did, you got to have two sweets but if didn’t you got one.

It went down really well because of the fake dead body, fake crows on the lawn and the fantastically carved pumpkins.

 On Saturday the 3rd I went to see some fireworks that was for an anniversary that had been going on for the past 150 years.

To start there was a big bonfire that was really hot with a Guy Fawkes on top I could really feel the heat of the fire on my face.

Next there was fireworks that were super fun... there was a cork screw one, a bang one, a whistle one, a boom one, and at the end they had the words “150 Minchinhampton” written in fire.

On our way home across the Common we saw three more firework finales in the sky.

lMax Metcalfe, 10, lives in Lightpill and attends Gastrells Primary School.