COUNCILLORS want Stroud district to be carbon-free by 2030.

The leaders of Stroud District Council's cooperative alliance have issued a joint statement declaring a climate emergency following the recent IPCC report which warned that humanity has only 12 years to take emergency action in order to prevent global warming greater than 1.5°C.

In a joint statement, the cooperative alliance leaders said: "Central government is failing to act fast enough on reducing carbon emissions so local government has to take the lead.

"SDC was the first carbon neutral council in Europe. Now we need to commit to getting a zero carbon district by 2030, before it is too late."

Council leader Doina Cornell said: "A zero carbon district by 2030 is ambitious, and will need everyone not just politicians to be involved, but we owe it to the future to do this.

"Time is running out and we need to be bold and brave."

Cllr Ken Tucker, Liberal Democrat Group leader said: "SDC were delighted in 2015 to become the first local council in Europe to obtain carbon neutral status and it is therefore opportune that we should now take the lead to achieve the same throughout the whole of Stroud District.

"Although this will not be easy, I believe that local residents and businesses appreciate the environmental benefits of reducing carbon emissions and that their support in achieving the 2030 target will be essential in halting the rise in global temperatures that we are now experiencing."

Stroud District Council has been run by a cooperative alliance of Labour, Green and Liberal Democrat since 2012.