MEMORIES of the awesome Armistice weekend are still very much in the hearts and minds of all of us, and striking visual signs are to be seen everywhere.

The poppies at Charfield, a true community triumph, or the simple but effective few on the war memorial railings at Hillesley as well as the handsome and effective churchyard gates at Tetbury are just a few.

Most memorable for Penny and I was the display at St Lawrence Church, Chesterton where Penny presided at the morning service.

I know I have missed so many but sadly so have we all.

The true tributes throughout our county were and are so many we all sadly missed so much.

Moving on from innovative displays I wish to mention two people who made an impact.

John Symons has lived at Daglingworth for a mere two years but he has already gained a special part in the village’s heart.

On 11 November there was a splendid commemoration of the Armistice, first in a packed church and then at a convivial gathering at the village hall.

What John had done was quite simple but so touchingly effective.

He had personally researched each Daglingworth soldier who had died.

We can easily say behind each name is a story. John had done so much more.

It was an evening that my brother Martin and I, together with our wives were proud to attend.

The second person is Pam Ayres.

At a magnificent commemoration held at Cirencester parish church and organised by the women’s branch of the Royal British Legion, Pam spoke in a voice pure and true.

Every syllable and every sob (yes there were a few) struck home as she apologised to her late uncle.

She had joined the village children in taunting him.

He had returned from the war with a plate in his head and lacking judgement and self-control was an easy target for the Stanford in the Vale youngsters.

Pam read from her memoir with honesty and with genuine sorrow apologised to her uncle from the pulpit.

War is not just at the fighting front.

It is everywhere.

We all become tainted.

Thank you for sharing that with us.

It could not have been easy.

There were so many lessons to be learned the other weekend and I am sure the younger ones among us learned them as well.

They carry the future banner.

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