Dog mess was trodden through Saint Mary's Church in Painswick because a dog walker failed to clean-up after their pet.

A churchwarden described how 22 traces of excrement was found inside the church - Painswick Parish Council has since acted to keep the churchyard clean.

"We are aware that the public is concerned, but we are working with Stroud District Council to ensure this does not become the norm," said a council spokesman.

In the future, dog wardens will ensure that anyone who fails to pick up their dog foul will receive an on the spot fine.

The incident took place on November 11, when two churchwardens had the distasteful job of dealing with the dog mess, after a pet been allowed to foul in the churchyard.

Unfortunately, someone then walked through it and left traces inside the church, it had to be cleaned by hand as a matter of urgency.

One of the churchwardens said: "A record will be made of future offences and where possible photographic evidence taken.

"Every effort will then be made to get authorities to take legal action and hopefully shame any perpetrators."

They went on to say that villagers should get behind both the church and council, to ensure that the churchyard stays excrement free.

Villagers are advised to keep dogs on the lead in the churchyard.